To hunt, to search, to pursue. To seek out a new direction, another angle of attack. This is the mind set. This is the feeling in our guts. The creation of something timeless yet innovative. The development of something of worth, something of favor. The scent is in the water. The hounds are on the loose. End the Hunt

Clean, simple, timeless, forward thinking and stylish with a sense of responsibility.

These are the core values of TGRSHRK.

We pride ourselves on American made products crafted by amazing people who love what they do.
Earning fair wages, benefits, and a safe working environment.
We respect our community, economy and mother earth and go out of our way to leave a low carbon footprint. 
All garments are custom designed using sustainable ingredients made from high quality organic materials and low impact dyes.
We exist to provide you with clothes for your hunt and those who care about what they wear, how they look and how it was made.

This is who we are. Who are you? What do you desire?
Get out there and End the Hunt!

“Always on the hunt for clothing that captured my style and fit but often let down. The means to the end of the hunt was to start TGRSHRK.”
 -Jared Watson