Rhyme and Reason

The rhyme and reason behind Tgrshrk and why we chose to take our time, spend restless nights and countless hours getting the washes, prints, fits, stitching, and materials just the way we wanted. The first reason is very simple and even a tad selfish, I didn't like the way clothes fit me so I decided to make my own and I knew just who to go to. My long time friend Jason Rodriguez, current Creative Director and Head Designer at Katin USA. We realized we had a similar goal when it came to clothing and all things creative. Keep it clean, simple and timeless. We take pride in designing TGRSHRK together and strive to keep it American made, sweatshop free and eco friendly. Those are our principles and to our surprise it took a little longer than we had anticipated but the end result was worth it. It would have been much easier and less exspensive for us to buy dirt cheap tee shirts from a third world country where the factories pollute and the work conditions are unsafe and unhealthy. For us that was the wrong way to approach this and wouldn't have felt right.

All Tgrshrk shirts are made the way we think is the right way and the great thing is that it makes them insanely comfortable.

This is how we make our garments.
•100% organic cottons
•low carbon footprint
•low impact dyes
•hand dyed
•no bleaching
•fair wages
•safe work environments

These are some of the things we care about. We also care about putting money back into our own economy and not overseas so we keep it local. American and California made. In the end we are very proud of how Tgrshrk is made and how it turned out.

Thank you for joining us and being with us during our humble beginnings. We have many more creations, ideas and plans that we look forward to sharing with you in the near future.

Please browse our site to get a feel for our vibe, to find out more about who we are, what we stand for and what our mission is.

Make sure you check out our lookbook video. We hope you enjoy hanging and shopping with us.

Keep having fun, stay adventurous and keep sharing with us.

Thank You,

Jared Watson
-End The Hunt

Lookbook Photo Shoot

How do you capture the vibe and essence of a perfect day in the mind of the tgrshrk crew in the middle of October? Well, you go to Southern California and score 85 degree weather, get on a sail boat/pirate ship, shoot off cannons, go lobster diving and drink rum with your close friends. To say we got lucky or even "blessed " on the day of the first lookbook shoot of tgrshrk is an understatement. This photo diary and video lookbook is what we imagine the like minded people that wear tgrshrk garments will be doing. This day is what we strive for and this is the type of situation we make our clothes for. We had a blast making this and that's what it's all about. It was a hunt for that perfect day and we found it. We hope this gives you an idea and a peek into our minds and philosophy as a company. we trust you will have as great an adventure in our garments as we have, and we would like you to share them with us. #tgrshrk


End the Hunt